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Captain Marvel and Marvel

So since my last post i’ve actually started reading more Marvel stuff. My comic pull isn’t even close to 50/50, but at this point i can’t exactly mock Marvel as much as i used to. Like i’d said before, i really don’t like the Avengers as a group because i hate Tony Stark and i’m not a fan of the more recent X-men and it’s billions of spin offs. I love basically all the Brubaker Marvel stuff (Cap, Bucky, DD) and i recently started reading FF and it’s got me hooked. Still taking a little getting used to with Johnny dead, but Spiderman fills in for the snarkiness. I’m trying to catch up with the Amazing Spiderman and i’ve rediscovered what i loved about Spiderman when i was younger, the humor and the little-engine-that-could-ness of Peter Parker.

Though this post is more about a very pleasant surprise today. I picked up issue one of Captain Marvel and i was thoroughly impressed. The only bad thing i can say is that i am not a fan of the artist who did the cover. Otherwise i loved it. I’d read a little bit of Carol Danvers in the Ms. Marvel run that happened around Civil War, but really this was the perfect intro to the character. I liked the art and the writing was great. To me this was an ideal first issue to a series. This comic had a sort of slightly gruff charm that really hooked me. I’d read the first two issues of DC’s World’s Finest and it just didn’t hook me, Huntress seemed watered down and Powergirl seemed to have lost the sense of humor i liked from the Palmiotti/Conner run. Unlike World’s finest, Captain Marvel was all that i could have hoped for, a strong female character who doesn’t have her personality come down to her sexual orientation or daddy issues. I may not have much Marvel on my pull list currently, but this is a series that has certainly done enough to warrant a spot on my pull.

Marvel, no seriously, i read Marvel

Yep, i finally did it, i read some Marvel comics. I basically haven’t read Marvel since i was little, back in the days of the totally awesome Mcfarlane Spider-Man and the awesome Jim Lee X-men. Once i started to grow up i became a DC guy exclusively, but i finally decided to give Marvel another try and well, it had mixed results. I read a volume of the Bendis Avengers and i was not a fan. I hated Tony Stark when i was little and well, i still hate him now. Then i tried to read a volume of X-men, i think my standards were too high since i remember the ridiculously awesome x-men of the 90’s, so i really didn’t think much of this x-men. The biggest question i had was “why does anyone think wolverine should be in charge of students?” And then the good happened. I read a chunk of the Ed Brubaker run on Captain America, damn, it was really good. So good that i went and picked up the issues of Winter Soldier and i plan on adding it to my pull list. (I also read the Brubaker Immortal Iron Fist, that would be a sweet Kung-Fu movie) Then i read the Guardian Devil storyline of Daredevil. It was great, Kevin Smith can be a great comic writer (though sometimes he goes against continuity) I started to really like Daredevil and i’d heard good things about the Waid run (yeah, i know, another guy i know from DC) so i started to read it. I am really enjoying it and it looks like this is another comic that’s gonna end up on my pull list.

So yeah, overall my first attempt at Marvel in years was a mixed bag, with some bad and some good, but i still feel like i’m cheating on DC every time i read a Marvel comic.

Cliff Chiang is really cool

So my girlfriend and I went to Boston Comic-con today. To start with, it was really fun, this was my first con, so it was a new experience. It was nice that it wasn’t a huge con, so i didn’t get overwhelmed by the sheer number of people or anything. The best part was that we went early, to make sure we were there right when it opened up. By doing that we got there and were inside before most of the people showed up, so we got to actually talk with a lot of people and see things without feeling crowded. The big thing my girlfriend wanted to do was to go see Cliff Chiang, because she is a huge fan of his art in Wonder Woman. We went over to look at his stuff and ended up having a full conversation with him. Turns out he’s a really nice, laid back guy and he seemed to just enjoy talking to a couple of fans. I have to say it was really cool getting to talk to one of the creative minds behind one of my favorite comics, not to mention the fact that we bought one of his prints (one of my favorite Green Arrow Black Canary covers)

Saw this really cool series and wanted to post a few, i’m especially psyched about this one because i love shazam/captain marvel as a character. On that note, i’m excited because tomorrow i’m gonna pick up my comic pull and that means i get to see what Shazam will be like in the new 52, i have faith Johns will make it good.

Saw this really cool series and wanted to post a few, i’m especially psyched about this one because i love shazam/captain marvel as a character. On that note, i’m excited because tomorrow i’m gonna pick up my comic pull and that means i get to see what Shazam will be like in the new 52, i have faith Johns will make it good.

Green Arrow Pilot?

So, there’s gonna be a Green Arrow pilot. Not sure how i feel about this. On the one hand i do love Green Arrow and i did enjoy the Green Arrow from Smallville, though he lacked the sense of humor a bit. On the other hand, the writer they have for it isn’t great, he wrote the second half of Green Arrow, Black Canary, which was mediocre for Ollie. Also, if the pilot comes out and does well more people might buy the atrocious current Green Arrow comic. I would be really pissed if that crappy Ollie became popular. Fortunately i doubt the pilot will get picked up, so i don’t think i have to worry.

Pull list!

After a year and a half (give or take) of voraciously devouring trade paperback after trade paperback, I have finally started a pull list at the local comic shop.So, yay pull list!

on a sad note, it hurts me that the new run of Green Arrow sucks so much that it is not on said pull list.

The Green Arrow Must Die!

So, i just finished reading the sixth volume of the green arrow, the run that started with Quiver. the more i read the more i love it. Unfortunately, the more i read the sadder and angrier i get because of the reboot. Overall i like a lot of the changes that DC made in the reboot and even some of the ones i don’t like i can understand why they did them. What they did to the Green Arrow on the other hand, i neither understand nor like. They killed off several key characters, basically killed Oliver Queen’s personality. Hell, they basically killed off everything that a Green Arrow fan loved about the series. Within the first few months the series will already be on writer three too. So it’s not just that one person has been doing a bad job, it’s a bunch of people.What really pisses me off is that the writers don’t even care that they’re killing a character with a rich history. Dan Jurgens went so far as to call the characters they killed off “barnacles on a boat.” So what he’s saying basically is that Conner and Mia were deadweight. that’s bullshit, Mia is a great character and Conner, though i don’t think he’s strong enough for his own series, is wonderful when interacting with Ollie.

Sadly at this point i am hoping that the series gets dropped. Let the Green Arrow go away for a year or two and then bring it back with a writer who actually cares about it. In the 90’s Chuck Dixon took over the series and they had to kill off Ollie for a while to fix things, at this point i think that’d be best.

Please DC, by some dumb magical luck, hear my cry! Kill this series and give it back to Judd Winick!

My opinions of the New 52

So, yesterday i picked up the last couple issues of the New 52. I didn’t buy every single one of the releases, i bought 44 of them. I really didn’t think i needed to spend cash on hawk and Dove or Mr. terrific when every thing i heard about them screamed “turd in the punch bowl.” (my money is on Hawk and Dove to be the first series canned)

So, here’s my opinions of the comics i read, some good, some bad, only one that makes me want to hurt people.

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