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Batwoman Responses

Well, in my very short experience with tumblr my last post is the only one that got rebloged a few times and commented on and really it was just the part about Batwoman. I read the comments people had and i have a couple things to say back. For starters, the big thing i saw is that i shouldn’t judge by just Elegy, well i have very little cash and just graduated from college, so trade paperbacks are the only way i end up reading comics, i don’t have enough cash to buy issues. That said, Elegy is the only Batwoman trade paperback out, which means it’s really all i can judge Batwoman by. I get that this is an origin story, i just wrote what i thought after it, I’ll probably still buy the next trade paperback of Batwoman because i don’t quite feel like i’ve given the character a legit chance since i’ve only read the origin story. Those are really the two big things, i get that people connect with this character and well obviously that’s a little hard for me to do for obvious reasons. So yeah, that’s really all i can say to that, i called it like i saw it i have my taste in comics and everyone else has theirs, Batwoman deserves a second look in my book along with another read through, but right now that’s all i can say.

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