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Secret Six, Green Arrow and other stuff

So yesterday i picked up the first volume of the Secret Six and it’s pretty awesome stuff. Basically everything Bane says and does to try to be fatherly to Scandal cracks me up and the writing is great. I picked it up based on the fact that i like anti-heroes and I’ve really enjoyed everything i’ve read written by Gail Simone. That said, i haven’t read much by her (just BOP: End Run and now Secret Six)

So i pose this question to the mighty tumbleverse if anyone is watching, What else has she written that i should pick up? I’m not asking for what other series she has written, cause i could look that up on wiki, more i’m looking for story arcs in the stuff she’s written.

I also picked up some other comics, i’d been waiting to pick up Brightest Day part two until the soft cover version came out, but with borders closing the discount was big enough that i got the hardcover for cheap enough. I picked up Batman Beyond: Hush Beyond, i’m really looking forward to reading that because of how much i loved the show when i was younger.

But the biggest thing i have waiting for me is some Green Arrow =) It was my birthday recently and my parents knew i was having an awful time finding Green Arrow, so they ordered the first three volumes for me, Quiver, Sounds of Violence and The Archer’s Quest. the only downside to this awesomeness is that Quiver still hasn’t arrived. So i’m waiting so i read it all in order. I asked my girlfriend to hide the other two volumes that way i don’t read them in a moment of weakness.