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Green Lantern Movie

So, surprisingly i actually really liked the Green Lantern movie. I went and saw it last night. I had really low expectations, i really thought it was going to suck, but it didn’t. I got fooled by all the reviews. To me it seems like the reviews are bad because all the reviewers went in expecting to see a normal super hero movie, which this was not. The Green Lantern comics are a mixture of sci-fi and super heroes and the movie followed that style. I thought the movie was pretty well cast (only one or two hiccups) and visually it was cool looking (the guardians looked messed up, but everyone else looked cool) Since this was the origin story i thought the way Hal Jordan was portrayed worked, mainly because he’s cocky and a little smarmy before being a Green Lantern turns him into a hardline guy with a stick up his ass. In the end i thought it was pretty well done and if you actually knew the comics it made sense and fit, the issue is just that everyone went in expecting your average summer super hero movie and that’s not what the Green Lantern is. I mean it wasn’t near as good as Batman Begins, but this was a lot better than Superman Returns. I enjoyed it, i just think that when the average movie goer is heading out to see a super hero movie they expect the kind of obligatory mediocre stuff that Marvel puts out rather than being willing to go and see something different. (yep, that’s right, i couldn’t go a full post involving comic related stuff without bashing Marvel)

If you like the comics Green Lantern is a good movie, if you don’t read the comics and you come out complaining, it’s your own fault for wanting the same tired summer super hero movie.