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Recent opinions of comic stuff

So, i’ve been kinda busy recently, trying to get a job and whatnot. That said i’ve been reading a lot of comics and i’ve seen some movies, so i’ve still been pretty happy.

Despite my usual dislike of Marvel things, i went and saw X-Men First Class because it had gotten such good reviews. I loved the X-Men when i was little, but i hadn’t read much of their comics since. I really liked the movie. It was good, the acting was good, i didn’t have to groan about millions of continuity issues and I could tolerate James Mcavoy in his role (i normally don’t like him) That said yeah, Magneto had an awful accent, but thta’s really my only legit complaint about the movie.

Comics wise i have been up and down recently. I love Batman, so i finally gave in and got the first volume of Batman reborn, that will be the only volume i will be getting. I just did not like it. The more i read the more i dislike Damian and Dick is an awful Batman, i like him as Nightwing or as robin, but he just doesn’t work as Batman. Also, i am not a fan of the art style they use for those comics. One of the things i have always liked about Batman is that it was dark and had such a great edge without having to resort to gore or anything too ridiculous, so having a bad guy who eats people’s faces just did not work to me. After reading this all i can say is man i’m glad that Bruce is back.

The other thing i bought and didn’t quite think lived up to the hype was Batwoman: Elegy. I had heard a lot of talk about it but i wasn’t that impressed. the art was interesting and it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t well… good either. I’ll say this before i get into my rant, i fully support LGBT rights and everything with them. My issue with Batwoman is that the whole comic seemed to revolve around the author basically going “Hey look we made a Lesbian Bat Person!” I’m fine with their being a lesbian Bat Person, i just wish there was more to her. I’ve really liked any of the Renee Montoya Question comics that i’ve read. She’s a super hero, she’s obsessive but her entire comic isn’t used to say “hey look i’m a lesbian.” It’s a part of the Question and an important one, but it’s not all there is to her. So really i just wish that Batwoman had been a little more like the Question.

And now to the good, the more Teen Titans i read the more i like it, i’m now through the first 7 volumes and it’s great. Tim Drake is now my favorite Robin, no questions about it. Sure, there’s a lot of turnover as to who is part of the Teen Titans, but i really enjoy it, also Deathstroke is quickly becoming one of my favorite villains. i also read the first three volumes of Titans, which after having read the Teen Titans stuff was pretty interesting. I have always liked Nightwing, but most of the Nightwing stuff i have read has been him independent of others, so seeing him as part of a team was interesting. I tend ot like the interesting team dynamics that appear in comics, and both these titles play to that.

So yeah, that’s most of my recent comics etc. i’ve dealt with.